This Mon Zazoo bag is called La Fayette because the designer of this bag walks down Rue La Fayette to get to Gare du Nord when she takes the Eurostar for a weekend getaway to London. Sturdy solid material with a metallic canvas accent. Available in 3 colors.



Estimated ship time: 2 weeks

Materials: Vegetable-tanned leather, organic cotton

Dimensions: 15.2”W x 6”D x 20.8”H

Care: Wash it by hand or in cold water with wool-safe detergent. If your dry cleaner is a friend, you can trust him to dry clean your Mon Zazou bag. You can apply a waterproofing solution for textiles. Allow to air-dry.

Keep away from: Bleach, perfume, alcohol, sunbathing products

Weight: 1.23 lbs


Returns: accepted within 7 days after receiving the item. Refunds (less shipping) will be issued if merchandise is returned in its original condition. Please contact  for more information about returns and cancellations