Meet the Maker: Dounia Home


Dounia Tamri Loeper, the founder of Dounia Home, grew up in Safi, Morocco

immersed in a world rich with culture and craftsmanship which she's channeled

into her stunning new lighting collection. Combining modern style with intricate,

classic artistry, the lights are simply beautiful, both soulful and glitzy, modern

with a traditional twist.


Ula in Copper



 Almas in copper


 Ula in silver


We met Dounia last year at the NYNOW design show. The artistry and superior

quality of the materials she uses was evident immediately, and drew us straight

to her booth. Dounia celebrates and preserves the heritage of Moroccan

craftsmanship by only working with artists who use traditional metal working

techniques passed down through generations. Her authentic, handcrafted pieces

reflect the passion and commitment of Moroccan artisans and have quickly

become a favorite at LQ SHOP.


Nur Reversed in brass



 Ula and Almas in brass




 Detail: Ziya in copper


Dounia studied in the U.S. then worked closely with a team at Michael Graves

Architecture & Design in Princeton, NJ. After building a solid foundation in

product design, she grabbed an opportunity to start her own company that

draws on her Moroccan roots: "What I learned is that when you stay true to

yourself and your heritage, you can create things that truly represent who

you are." 





Dedicated to empowering the artisans they partner with, Dounia Home provides

fair wages, fair working hours, and opportunities for them to grow and learn new

skills by always pushing the limits of the trade. She wants to celebrate and

preserve the craftsmanship that shaped her history by working with craftsmen

whose expertise goes back generations. Dounia's authentic, handcrafted pieces

reflect their passion.


 Mishal in brass


 Shams in copper


Dounia Home has also extended its offerings to include candles, textiles and

home accessories, which will make their way to the shop soon! For now, take

a look at the lighting collection here.