Meet the Maker: Tina Frey Designs


San Francisco artist Tina Frey sculpts wonderful resin serving pieces by hand, creating

organic shapes with simple sophistication. We recently received shipment from her and

are enamored with the understated, chic style of her designs that transition from weeknight

staples to entertaining the in-laws. Let's just say, they are the perfect accessories to make

your food look good! 



Long Serving Boards


Whether used grouped together or stand-alone, these serving pieces hold their own as works

of art on the dinner table. 


Square Serving Board                                                 



Round serving trays


Starting with only 2 bowl designs at the San Francisco gift show in 2007, Tina left her job

as a corporate CPA and built her creative endeavor into a full-time business - and we sure

are happy she did! 

Round Bowls


Pete Serving Dish 



All pieces are still made in San Francisco in a small family run shop. The process is

completely organic, starting with a block of clay and forming it into a general shape. After

fine tuning with shaving tools, it becomes a mold that food safe resin is poured into and

left to set. After a smoothing process the pieces are ready to go. The resin is completely

food safe, BPA and lead free. The material allows the pieces to be lightweight without

sacrificing quality- plus they are shatter proof, which we can all appreciate!






Our new favorites include the brass Hans Dish, which looks fabulous when layered with

other dishes, and the large champagne bucket - cause you can never have too much

bubbly and it easily doubles as a sleek magazine holder!





In addition to the great tableware, Tina Frey's collection also extends to gorgeous planters

as well as whimsical swings.



Explore all of Tina Frey's collection in the shop here