5 Alternatives to Roses this Valentine's Day

Deep in the middle of a Northeast winter, we're craving some color.
Rather then the go-to Valentine's Day standards, we've decided to
give our peeps some eye-soothing blasts of green. And for the
traditionalists in our crew, we're going with an updated variation on the 
classic Valentine red.  Here are our 5 favorite picks from our friends at 
Flora Garden & Home who offer both beautifully minimalist greens,
and luscious bouquets of color too. 


1. Dusty green Olive tree in a terracotta washpot.


2. Leathery, Forest green Staghorn Fern, set on a piece of driftwood
salvaged from the Hudson River. 


3. Celadon Air plant and Chartreuse moss in a perfectly simple,
hanging glass globe.



 4. Hunter and Sage green Rosemary standards


5. And for the traditionalists in our crew, we're going with irrepressible
Pink dahlias.



If you're in the Hudson Valley, definitely stop by Flora Garden and Home

at 197 Main St. Beacon, NY 12508 and check them out!