Meet the Makers: Loopy Mango


The blizzard brewing in the Northeast this weekend has us with high
hopes of getting snowed in. Along with hot cocoa and a warm fire,
the down time may inspire a knitting project. Allow us to introduce Loopy Mango


When we first met the Loopy Mango creators at a trade show, we
were blown away by their entire line. From the quality of the wool,
to the gorgeous color selection and awesome packaging- it's easy
to see why we were enamored.



Their DIY kits include enlarged wooden needles and all the yarn to
make different style scarves and blankets- all packaged in a sweet
canvas bag. They range from complete beginner to intermediate-
or we can order the project ready made for you.  



The co-founders, who met at the Fashion Institute, take their yarn
seriously- and it shows. The high-quality, 100% Merino Wool, is
hand spun at their mill in Key Largo, Florida. 







Check out our whole Loopy Mango selection here