Swoon-worthy Suzani Textiles



If you've checked out our Instagram - it's no secret that we're inspired by the

colorful, botanic embroidery of vintage Suzani textile. Not only are they beautiful

pieces, but they also have a rich history (plus these ones are lined with a high

quality faux fur, making them winter worthy too).



The creation of Suzani textiles are deep rooted in Uzbekistan tradition.

They were created when a daughter was born and worked on by female

family members and friends throughout her life, until used as her dowry.




 Women hand embroidered separate strips, which would later be pieced 

together to form one Suzani. This contributed to some asymmetrical qualities

and slight variations throughout the fabric, whic ultimately makes each piece

completely unique.




The craftsmanship of these handmade, hand-stiched pieces is brilliant. The

camaraderie of the village woman that made them is inspiring too! 





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