Local Lure: Beacon, NY


LQ Shop is always happy to feature the work of local artisans and friends. This round-up focuses on
art and goods from our neighbors right here in Beacon, NY. Our town has been getting lots of love in
the press lately, so we thought we'd throw our favorites in the ring. In the future we'll turn our lens to
friends further afield... but for now, big ups to Beacon!

Kim Markel's Hard Candy Side Tables 
Kim casts each Hard Candy Table from plant­-based resin into an intricately handcrafted mold, then shapes
and polishes it. And the "hard candy" look of that translucent finish is just so rad.

Dakin Roy's
 Abstract Photographs
Dakin's series of abstract photographs are strong, painterly, and often surprising. In addition to his great

eye, he wisely figured out a way to mount the photographs so there is no need for framing! Sweet.


Matt Kinney's Ink Paintings
Matt's ink paintings are rendered in Japanese Sumi ink. His sculpture can also be seen on Main
Street until October as part of Beacon 3D, and you can read about his handcrafted live-work studio

on CoolHunting.


Tsia Carson's Language of the Birds
Splitting her time between Beacon and Honolulu, Tsia popped into our office the other day with the
most amazing, fresh and unusual Ginger mints. Refreshingly cool. Just like her capsule collection of

bold, narrative patterns and cuts.


ModCraft's Ceramic Tile
This local, contemporary ceramic studio specializes in modern and dimensional tile. LQ Design (our

sister design shop) used ModCraft to do some killer backsplashes and bathrooms over the years.


People's Bicycle Bike Rentals
Visiting Beacon? Get around on two wheels by renting a bike from our friends at the radically

awesome People's Bicycle. And while you're at it, check out their store (ahem, designed by LQ).


Melissa McGill's Constellation
This magical outdoor art installation is a summer must-see for the Hudson Valley. Melissa used LQ

Shop friends Niche Modern's Beacon-made lighting to achieve her starry vision.


Design Sponge's CIty Guide: Beacon
For more on Beacon, NY, including where to eat and stay while you're here, check out Design

Sponge's City Guide feature from last month.