Expert Lounging

The kids may have their bean bag chairs, but there's a new sheriff in town...
the new dark grey Zoe Indoor Bean Lounger is made for grown ups and
can hold its own in high end living rooms that are either eclectic or pared
down modern. They look great in multiples - and come in three sizes.
Designed by the terrific team at Lievore Altherr Molina.
After years of throwing a gorgeous suzani on the foot of the bed or over the
side of the sofa for a pop of color, we found the blanket of our dreams. This
awesome, cool, genius we met at the NY NOW show has married the Vintage
Suzani Throw (which is gorgeous but far from cozy) with some super high end
faux fur and voila...we have authentic vintage gorgeousness with coziness, weight
and perfection. Now, you can grab that throw off the back of the sofa and put it
on...wrap up and hang out.  All one of a kind- and many to choose from.  
We are nuts for these!
We love to mix and match old and new here at LQ SHOP and keep our
homes looking eclectic, comfortable and real...