Meet the Maker: Opiary


Opiary makes these cool, dreamlike planters that we feature in the shop. They

are perfect for introducing a soft organic note into an otherwise stark modern

setting, and they accomplish this without veering into the rustic - which is not

easy to find!! The shape of some of their pots resemble lines of topography,

while others look practically Seussian, and yet, they maintain a modernist







The Barchan Planter



 Swell Planter



 Opiary unique modern organic planters

Hoodoo stacks



Opiary also makes unique outdoor furniture for the garden patio or terrace.

The Drillium lounge chair and chaise are wonderfully sculptural elements that

can take center stage in the garden without overpowering the setting, and

there's an Edward Scissorhands quality to the chairs that adds a playful

element too. They are handmade of a galvanized steel armature with multiple

layers of increasingly fine resin-fortified cement, and then they're hand polished

to a suede smooth finish that feels great to touch.






Opiary Drillium chaise at LQ SHOP

 Drillium Chaise 


Drillium Chair 


The Queen Anne dining table offers Opiary's fresh, modern take on a classic

form, and they tweak the traditional even more by using materials suitable for

outdoor use. It's substantial without being heavy, and the legs are slim but full

of character. A unique twist that gives us an unusual form for an outdoor table.


 Queen Anne Table


All Opiary products are carefully hand crafted from recyclable, weather-resistant

materials by a team of skilled artisans in the Garden State, New Jersey. We think

they deserve to be well known, and we are excited to introduce them to you!!


Check out the entire Opiary collection here.