7 Ways to Style Your Outdoor Space



1. Let there be light.

Outdoor lighting is the easiest way to add ambiance to your patio. 

And these days there's tons of funky options out there-that'll inspire

you to stray beyond classic string lights. We love globe lights to

create a playful, but subtle outdoor lighting. 

Image via Domino.com


Globe Outdoor Lights featured by LQ Design


2. Roll out the outdoor carpet. 

Indoor/outdoor rugs make an outdoor space feel like an outdoor room.

They add style and comfort, plus they're incredibly easy to clean and

very durable. The Swedish brand Pappelina is one of our favorites. Never

worry about spilled red wine again!


Image via Desiretoinspire.net



Pappelina Honey Rug


3. Turn up the heat.

There is few things in life more wonderful than sitting around a fire in good

company under a clear night sky. The addition of a fire pit is an instant

game changer for a yard- especially if you have kids!

Image via Peter Fudge Gardens


 The Manta Ray Fire Pit


 4. Put your feet up.

There's nothing more relaxing than a lazy summer morning, reading

a good book and swaying with the breeze. We've been loving the

addition of a swinging seat that doubles as a sculptural piece for

the porch and adds a little geometric to the organic- like the

Manu Nest below!


Photo via InteriorAddict


The Manu Nest 


5. Get creative with your planters.

Create your own backyard jungle with a variety of planters ranging in

size, color or double as an art piece. As for the plants, don't be afraid

to try long grasses or leafy, creeping vines. We love the unique planters

of Opiary as a statement piece for the garden. 

Photo via Marthastewart.com


Swell Planter


6. Accessorize with throw pillows. 

Throw pillows are a great way to add color and texture to any space,

plus it makes it a bit cozier. We love the vintage Suzanis for adding a

bohemian vibe. 

Photo via TheDecorist



Vintage Suzani Pillows 


7. Have drinks on deck. 

The addition of a bar cart to your patio makes entertaining easy to

organize-plus it can be wheeled inside afterwards. Whether its used

as a counteror decorative plant stand, patio shelve space is always


Photo via Dwell


Grace Trolley



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